Vanessa is a full time travel writer, blogger and content creator with over 20.000 followers on Instagram from all over the world. She shares travel tips and itineraries about amazing destinations for families who like to travel and visit non-mainstream destinations.

Our audience is predominantly female 60% and male 40% between the ages of 25-35 years old, from Europe and UK who have purchasing power to buy and use the products we recommend and visit the destinations that we review! 

Domain Authority (DA) over 50 which is higher than average.

Campaigns reach: 

  • 20.000+ followers on Instagram
  • 100.000+ monthly global reached accounts on Instagram
  • 60,000+ Unique Monthly Views
  • 110,000+ Monthly Page Views
  • 5.000+ monthly Impressions on Pinterest

Why work with Vanny?

  • Access to an engaged and the right audience
  • Inspiring photography, videography and social media coverage.
  • Several years of experience working on a range of travel campaigns, with tourist boards, hotels, and media clients.
  • Strong SEO skills, allowing content to receive high rankings by search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Proven results from previous and numerous of travel campaigns.

For more detailed information about our demographics we can send you my media kit upon request.

View below some examples of collaborations

When interested in working with VannysWanderlust, please send an email to vannyswanderlust (at) gmail. com


Ways Your Brand / Destination Can Collaborate

Brands & Destinations

We can work with your brand or destination to create an authentic and engaging campaign, including photography, videography and written content to be shared across our social media platforms and website. 

Video’s and Images Packages

We offer video and photos packages providing you with high resolution images and video content to be used on your own website and social channels. Our photo & images package can be combined with social media and blog- article promotion packages.

Blog Posts

We can publish a detailed article reviewing your product, or destination and writing an blog post about it. And refer back to your site and social channels. The article will stay forever on my blog and will be shared on social media channels.

Social Media Campaigns

We can share your brand with our followers on my popular Instagram Page.

Tailored Packages & Long Term Partnerships

These are just some examples of ways to work together, but we typically put together a bespoke campaign utilizing many of our platforms to create an engaging and exciting partnership between our brands. We are also looking to work with our partners on a long term basis.