Hi there! My name is Vanessa and I created VannysWanderlust to help (family) travelers connect with places through culture, history and cuisine.

VannysWanderlust’s goal is to provide a platform for traveler families to gain valuable advice. Our platform is interested in destinations who are not – so mainstream and sharing hidden gems. Destinations you might not think about in the first place but turn out to be amazingly interesting.

Vanessa is from the Netherlands – born and raised but currently living, after living a year in Valencia, with her family in Rome, Italy. She is a freelance travel writer and translator with a passion for travel and cute cities. She is a wife and ( twin ) mom of 3

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In her free time she likes to read books, watches the most scariest horror-movies and is obsessed by trying out new cocktails. Find her one day in a old historical museum, taking boat tours or posing in a cute colorful street!

On her travel blog you will find blogs about (upcoming) travel trips, guides or tips as a family traveler which could be helpful for you too. Beside her blog you can also find more pictures, videos and tips on her Instagram

Do you have a question, want to collaborate with me or just want to say hi?

You can contact her through email ; vannyswanderlust [ at ] gmail.com