What to do in Ljubljana with kids | our experiences and stay

Ljubljana with kids is fun!  This compact city has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty to do for families.  A castle on the hill, several child-friendly museums, and a largely car-free center makes a city trip to Ljubljana very accessible for kids! The capital of Slovenia is a wonderful destination for families. 

In the car-free center you can stroll around and enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer.

We enjoyed our stay and below you will read what to do in Ljubljana with kids

Ljubljana Castle

A must see is the  Ljubljana castle which you can reach with the funicular.  This funicular is a glass elevator that takes you to the renovated Ljubljana Castle.  

A castle that stands on a hill in the middle of the city.  We went up with the elevator and walked down. 

Beautiful views by the way! Keep your camera on while stepping into the furnicular. 

There is a small queue at the funicular, but quite a few people can go up at a time. After waiting ten minutes at the end of the morning and a ride of a few minutes in the glass elevator, we are at the top of Ljubljana Castle.  

Nice to be able to look out over the city from here.

Puppetry museum 

There are several sights inside the castle. A must visit us the puppet museum. Not because of the puppets that are behind glass in the small museum, but because of the part where you can make theater yourself.  

By ourselves we mean that we have to pull out all the stops to make an exciting story! 

The puppet museum is a very interactive museum which fits the ages of our kids, 2,2 and 9. 

Even for my older son it was great, he saw a lot of videos of the history of puppets and gave a show for his little sisters! 

They have hand puppets, shadow puppets and those puppets with strings, so plenty of variety. 

Take the circular ride to explore Ljubljana’s city 

Visitors in the city can travel to the city for a fun, educational and environmentally friendly experience. In winter the compartments are closed and heated, and in summer the windows are open! There are audio guides available in different languages : Slovene, English, German, Italian, Croatian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese. Book your ride here.

Visit the famous bridges 

Another well-known bridge and also one of the most famous sights in Ljubljana is the dragon bridge: Zmajski Most.  

Legend has it that the prince who founded the city killed a dragon in the mist.  

The bridge was built on the spot where he killed the dragon.  Large statues of dragons stand on either side of the bridge.

There are several stories about the dragon of Ljubljana but the most famous is that he watched over the city and its inhabitants. Legend agrees that the dragon was defeated and has become the symbol of the city.  You can admire the dragon on ‘the Dragon Bridge’.  On this bridge, the dragon watches who goes in and out of the city.

Visit the market 

When you cross the Butchers bridge you come to the central market.  This is the largest market in Ljubljana.  The market is from Monday to Saturday and you will find all kinds of stalls with fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing, hats and frills.

Dragons unusual Journey 

Because it was raining we did not do this activity anymore but it’s something you could do with great weather. This fun outdoor room escape game is the ideal opportunity for the whole family to spend free time together. It gives parents and children a chance to have fun together and learn about interesting and lesser known parts of the city’s history in a different and exciting way.

The game takes place in the city center and is suitable for children aged 5 to 10 to complete tasks with the help of their parents. Children over 11 years old can complete the task independently.

Equipped with all the necessary materials, you start your adventure alone, adapting the gameplay to your own pace and preferences.

Click here to reserve + read more 

Arboretum Volčji Potok 

If you are visiting Ljubljana with the car please do not skip this botanical garden. This garden the most visited botanical garden in Slovenia. It covers 85 hectares with 3,500 plants from all over the world.

Streams and lakes that provide habitat for aquatic plants and animals give the park a special vibrancy. The botanical gardens also have specially marked paths that lead past beneficial power points. The garden is super kid friendly.

In the old part of the park, you can take a break in the summer café, where there is also a large children’s playground.

Where to eat in Ljubljana? 

We ate at MOST Restaurant. Which is a nice restaurant closeby to the Butcher’s bridge. They have plenty of choices ( fish, meat and kids menus) and there are kids seats available. The food was delicious and the girls loved the soup. My husband and I took a lamb steak which was the best I ever tasted!

I would recommend eating here during your stay in Ljubljana. Check out their website for more.