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Why you should travel with your kids

This article discusses the benefits of travelling with kids, including the opportunity to teach them about different cultures. I, personally LOVE travelling with my three kids. Of course it can be challenging but gosh, you get so much back of it! As a trilingual family ( we speak Dutch, English and Italian at home) It is quite easy for my kids to cumminicate in foreign countries but that doesnt take away the wonderful expierence they got close too!

my daughters getting ready for a road trip

Travelling with kids helps them to learn about the importance of the exchange rate and using different currencies.

It also provides plenty of writing opportunities, such as keeping a travel journal. This is a valuable time for families to spend together living life and exploring new situations while providing children with an opportunity to develop their own skills.

By teaching your children about different cultures and how to use money in different currencies, travelling with kids will become an educational experience for all involved. 

Outside their Comfort Zone

You can gain kids a better understanding of the world outside their comfort zone by exposing them to travel and having them experience things for themselves.

Doing common everyday things like buying food, experiencing different aspects of everyday life, and immersing yourself in nature are all great experiences for your children.

Just one example of travelling with your kids is going on a safari to expose your children to the greater world around them.   

my son and I in Monaco

Learn more about their surroundings

Kids discover something new when they travel, and they can learn more about themselves and their surroundings.

When you travel with your kids, you can make special memories together as a family that will last throughout their lives.

As your kids travels, they get the chance to experience different cultures and view areas from a more educated perspective.

Giving your kids an opportunity to see the world outside of their own backyard is an important part of self discovery for them. 

Kids are becoming more adaptive to different people, cultures and situations

Traveling with your kids is a great way to help them become more empathetic and adaptive to different people, cultures, and situations.

Travel teaches them how to adapt, expand their world view and make memories that will last a lifetime. Shared experiences give children the opportunity to build confidence and learn how to help in daily life situations.

Adventure travel is a great way for kids to learn about the world around them and people from different cultures.  

More Confidence

Taking a family vacation with kids can be a great way to build confidence, as seen in the examples of other travelers.

It is also an opportunity for kids to find other kids from different places and to get to know them and their cultures and lifestyles.

By experiencing different people and places, tolerance becomes something that kids learn naturally. Parents who expose their children to new people, cultures, and experiences give them the opportunity to gain confidence in themselves and in the world around them.

New Experiences

It is important to teach two kids the importance of patience and adaptability when traveling with them. It can be a challenge to remember two young kids need different things at different times but this is where the flexibility of travel comes in.

Taking short trips or planning our vacation around their needs teaches them patience and resilience. Our children will learn to adapt to different environments more quickly than if they stayed in the same place all the time.

Research has shown that there are scientific benefits of exposing children to new experiences, such as trying new foods, speaking a foreign language, sleeping in new beds, and exploring different places.

These experiences help develop their social skills and make them more open minded. We should also give thanks for how routine can help our children feel comforted and secure when traveling with us.

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