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What to know before visiting the colosseum | Visit Colosseum

Planning a trip to Rome and want to visit the iconic Colosseum? Get all your questions answered here about what you should know before visiting.

Read this guide for essential tips and information you’ll need before embarking on your journey.

First, a little bit about the Colosseum

In the year 72 AD. the Flavian Emperor Vespasian had this amphitheater built in Rome with a capacity of 65,000 spectators. The construction of the Colosseum took eight years and was financed with the spoils of looting in Jerusalem.

The main purpose of the Colosseum was to entertain the people (and thus the popularity of the emperor) with gladiator fights, sometimes in combination with wild animals such as elephants and tigers.  

It was customary for the bestiarii to hold wild animal fights in the morning.  As an intermission program, condemned prisoners were often thrown to the wild animals and in the afternoon there were gladiator fights.  

As Christianity became more and more important, the barbarian games were finally banned by Emperor Honorius in 404 AD.  A public lynching of a monk who wanted to end the fight between two gladiators was the last straw.  Until the year 523 only performances with wild animals took place.

What can’t you bring inside the Colosseum?

Like all major tourist attractions, the Colosseum’s security is quite stringent to keep visitors safe. Visitors are not allowed to enter the monument with large bags, suitcases, or backpacks Logical. I would recommend to bring a small handbag or tiny little backpack.

Also make sure you are wearing Comfortable Attire – The weather in Italy is quite hot during the summer months, therefore, wear loose clothes to stay cool. Also, you’re going to be walking a lot around the amphitheater, so wear your most comfortable shoes.

You may also take in a clear plastic bottle of water. Read good : CLEAR! Dark bottles are not allowed inside.

Find here things you may not bring with you inside the Rome Italy Colosseum:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dark bottles
  • Bigger backpacks 
  • Suitcases
  • Tripods 
  • Selfie sticks.

How long will it take to visit the Rome Colosseum

I would say an more or less, an hour without a guide, on your own.

Of course you could spend less time if you want. But an hour is about right if you visit it as most people do. If you want to get through the Colosseum with a guide, which I would strongly recommend it would take 2 hours to get the most out of it. Get your guided tour right here.

Also, there is often a special exhibit on the second tier, if you want to explore it add at least 20 minutes more to your visit.

Can I acces the Colosseum with my wheelchair?

Yes, most of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy is wheelchair accessible.

The ground floor of the Colosseum is wheelchair accessible. From there you can take the lift/elevator to the second floor. Both the first and second floors are wheelchair accessible. Access to the lower and upper floors is not without obstacles.

You can bring your own wheelchair or request it on arrival. Only one wheelchair is available per floor, so don’t assume there is one available. If you need your own, you should take it with you or rent one in Rome.

Disabled visitors (medical certificate required if not in a wheelchair) and their companions and or care takers have free access to the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill.

Prices tickets Colosseum Rome

The standard Rome Colosseum tickets price is €21 per person. In case you want to purchase tickets online, which is currently mandatory, it will cost €24. Although you are booking via an online portal, you will still have to undergo a security check and will not be able to skip the line under the standard ticket type. Book your tickets here and skip the line. Colosseum is very crowdy and you might not want to stand outside for an hour in line.

Other sights to see close by the Colosseum in Rome

Roman Forum

Known as the center of the Roman Empire, the Roman Forum was once surrounded by the ruins of official buildings. Purchase tickets for the Colosseum Experience to enter the Roman Forum.

Palatinate Hill

When visiting the Colosseum, be sure to visit the Seven Hills of Rome. Palatine is the center of it all. This is included in the complete experience ticket and gives you access to a range of attractions such as the House of Augustus, House of Livia, Domus Flavia, Palatine Museum, Gardens of Farnese and Domitian arena.

Domus Aurea (Golden House)

Domus Aurea, Latin for “golden house,” was a massive palace with a view built by Emperor Nero in AD 64, after a fire destroyed much of the city and the noble villas on the Palatine Hill. It is located in the center of ancient Rome.

Have you visited the Colosseum already ?

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  1. A visit to the Colosseum is a must, and I’m pleased to say I have been a couple of times. I found out that it wasn’t until the 1950s that it became protected – before then, people used to chip bits off to take home as souvenirs – madness!! The Roman Forum is also an incredible place to visit.

  2. Yoooo people were wilddd back then! (I mean, I guess still are…). I appreciate that it’s wheelchair accessible but whew, thanks for the heads up about dark bottles! My fav travel water bottle is actually black so I would have to have that confiscated

  3. Such a bucket list place to visit! I remember seeing the huge queues and being thankful we’d purchased tickets in advance. Great tips

  4. I really need to take the kiddo there before he graduates high school and moves out (he is a teen). Love the Coliseum and it has been a while since I have been. I really appreciate your tips!

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