A Visit to This Hidden Gem Closeby Rome | Arsoli

As you might know, I love visiting hidden gems. My heart beats faster by the thought that I have found a treasure which isnt overwhelmed by photograhing tourists so I can enjoy the beautiful hidden gems alone.

This time I found a hidden gem closeby Rome, Italy, Arsoli.

Arsoli is a small town . The ancient Roman city is located 4 kilometers southwest of the modern city. It may not be as popular as other Italian cities such as Rome or elsewhere.

BUT don’t let that take you away from this beautiful place!

Tiny Arsoli, big history

Arsoli is a bit smaller, thinking that it has only 1.500 habitants! Arsoli is a beautiful upcoming touristic destination which is worth your visit, i mean look at the pictures I made.

Isn’t it beautiful!?

Arsoli was so peaceful to visit and easy walkable considering you are up a hill.

Originally settled by the Centaurs, they were soon conquered by the growing Roman Empire. The new influx of Roman settlers called the town Arxula – “little fortress”.

The abundance of water in the region prompted the construction of aqueducts to alleviate the water problems of expanding Rome. Nobel laureate and poet Luigi Pirandello often spent his summer here, calling it “Little Paris”.

Today, the narrow cobbled streets are well preserved, and the ancient square is still marked by Roman landmarks. Castello, which overlooks the city from a rocky outcrop, once belonged to the Benedictines but has been in private ownership since 1574. On the other side of the castle, manicured gardens offer a more refined view.

Main Attractions | What to see in Arsoli

The lines of the walls (originally tuff, later rebuilt in limestone), built of rectangular blocks, are still visible today. There are remains of several ancient buildings. Such as castello Massimo which looks majestic from afar! We hoped to be able to visit it but being private it was not possible.This beautiful castle full of history is nestled in the highest part of Arsoli, left abandoned.

Arsoli tells his story through the still intact and visible buildings in the streets. Leaving it open and perhaps with an overseer.

Churches in Arsoli

The village is characterized by the presence of several churches. Such as Chiesa San Rocco.

Unfortunately we were only able to visit it from the outside; we visited the village on Sunday afternoon and obviously it was closed. It was a pity to find it closed, we imagine it is due to the fact that inside we know that it houses a rich heritage of history and art painted on its walls. From the small iron door you could see something.

Also you can take a look at Chiesa Santissimo Salvatore.

The Santissimo was built in the late sixteenth century to a design by Giacomo della Porta; inside there are several works of art including a transfiguration attributed to Domenichino.

Take a seat and enjoy the little restaurants in this tiny village

The authentic village of Arsoli is known as an excellent food and wine center and boasts the presence of several quality restaurants. So take your sit at one of the smaller restaurants and enjoy some typical dishes of the Italian Arsoli.

You can definitely plan a few hours of a side trip here while traveling from or to Rome or any other visit. You will love it! Don’t forget your photo camera!

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