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Where is it Hot in February ? (Europe)

Escape the cold winter months and escape to a warmer destination.

Where is it warm in February?

And to which countries can you still enjoy in the sun?

Read it all here and who knows, you might be sitting under the warm sun in February


Corfu, who doesn’t know it? This jaw dropping island is an amazingly beautiful dreamy Greek island.

Now think about having all of that to yourself.

Corfu barely sees vacationers in February.

Corfu is surrounded by using idyllic mountain villages that exhibitactual traditions you won’t locate in different components of Greece.

Explore the picturesque villages of Lakones and Vatos.

Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

The most up to datearea in Europe in February is Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain), with an common temperature of 59°-68°F (15°-20°C).

The Canary Islands have no actual winter, and you can revel in many outside things to do there in February simply like you would in the summer.

Spain is the warmest place in Europe in February, with masses of outstanding cities on the mainland to capture the iciness sun, too.

In this guide, you’ll discover a lot of important points about journeying Tenerife and Spain in February, as nicely as many different heat European destinations.

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol is a charming coastal town in southern Cyprus crammed with cultural, natural, and historic wonders.

By travelling in February you are able to hike in fantastic temperatures, and snatch extremely good airfare deals.

Also I would recommend exploring historical ruins!

Limassol is domestic to Ancient Kourion, one of Cyprus’ most amazing archaeological sites.

This historic city-kingdom dates returned to the Neolithic age, even though today, you’ll see loads of ruins from the Greco-Roman era.

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