Going on a holiday with children is different from going on holiday with just your partner, a good friend, or with any other family member.

Going on holiday with young twins can’t make it a bit more complicated if necessary, but of course you don’t have to!

With the right preparation, traveling with twin babies shouldn’t be twice as difficult. This makes flying and traveling with twins super easy.

Any parent of multiples will tell you: Traveling with twin babies can be challenging, especially if you’re flying. And I agree with that too.

The first time we traveled with twins as a family of five, because I also have a son of 8 years old, the babies were five months old.

But remember, surviving this can also be incredibly rewarding! And to be honest, at the end it wasn’t so bad.

These tips for flying and traveling with twins can help make the trip go easy-peasy.

Familiarize yourself with airline rules and regulations for children
Rules for flying with infants and young children vary by airline, so be sure to check the airline’s policies before booking travel.

Here’s what you can expect on most flights.

Infants under the age of 2 can sit on an adult’s lap for free

Each baby must sit on an adult’s lap – so if you’re traveling alone with two babies, you’ll need to buy a second baby seat.

While on most domestic flights you don’t have to pay full fare for an infant in your lap, airlines do require you to advise them of the infant when you book and charge you taxes and possible service charges.

You may have to split up

Some airlines only allow one baby per lap on the plane, so you may have to sit separately from your travel companions.

Unfortunately, this happened when we were traveling abroad last week. ( we flew with Transavia)

Luckily, they didn’t “miss” the other parent, but things could have been different, and with different backpacks, it was a bit inconvenient to pass stuff to each other.

Let your children play around the airport

We saw these cool spots for babies at the Amsterdam airport ( Schiphol) they had such a nice slide for kids.

Also at the Hague – Rotterdam airport they had an playing area. And, at Roma Fiumicino as well with a big touchscreen computer with games on it!

This place was located next to the luggage pickup.

What an invention.
So as you can see, airports can be full of open areas!

Take benefit of these areas earlier than you get onto the aircraft and let children or older youngsters run round and use up any extra energy.

The greater tuckered out they are, the extra enjoyable the flight will be for you.

Pack smart

Chances are, you already stash all of your baby’s essentials in your diaper bag.

After all, you probably hang out with your twin a lot.

But there are a few other things you might want to add to your carry-on bag when you travel. Not only are they convenient, but they allow you to be prepared in case the airline loses your luggage (yes, it can happen!).

If you need to pay extra for luggage to carry everything, it may be worth it for safety reasons. Here’s what to include.

Provide sufficient food

Bringing adequate candies whilst touring is very vital with a little one.

So take a bag with adequate meals with you. So that you supply some thing to chunk throughout take-off and landing, for example, this helps towards sore ears.

A sweet or cookie is additionally a best reward.

Diapers and wipes

In addition to lots of greater diapers, you will favor extra than sufficient wipes for each diaper modifications and feeding messes.

Also, consider packing an whole outfit for each child.

Plenty of toys

Your twins’ favorite toys, plush animals, books and video games would possibly take up a lot of more space, however it is well-used.

I prefer an iPad or pre-downloaded Cocomelon on Netlix on my phone.

Kids get antsy fast, so you will desire plenty of distractions to make the time for everyone.

Consider a back carrier

During your holiday you probable can’t use use a buggy everywhere.

Of path you additionally prefer to take a stroll on the seaside or in nature, so taking a lower backservice in your bags is distinctly recommended.

By alternating this with a buggy you journey extra freedom in the course of your holiday.

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