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I Visited Luxembourg and Why You Should too in 2023 ! ( + itinerary)

A couple days ago I visited Luxembourg with my husband and I promised to keep you guys updated and tell you all about my trip! First of all, it was amazing and totally not what I expected! It turned out to be even better. Let me tell you what to do in Luxembourg!

We stayed the night at Mama Shelter Luxembourg. We checked in around seven in the evening and it was soo easy because we came with the car and they had underground parking!

After we settled in our hotel we discovered the restaurant! They had a bunch of typical Luxembourgian food! Chicken, meat or even veggie options were available. I took a salmon with almond rise and miso. It was deliiiiiii.

Villa Haute

On the first day we discovered town. We found out that the public transportation is FREE! So we could leave our car in the parking lot. We decided to explore the old town which the districts name was Ville Haute. Which is a quarter in principal Luxembourg City, in pertaining to the south Luxembourg. 

It is the historic center of Luxembourg City and is complicated in allure UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Ville Haute is home to famous places, buildings and remembrances to a degree Place Guillaume II, Place d’Armes, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Grand Ducal Palace. A lovely place to make a lot of nice pictures.

We visited this area and saw also a lot of stores were you can shop! ( Also high-end stores, Gucci, LV etcetera.)

Pfaffenthal lift

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Lift is a perfect place to view Luxembourg City from above. This jar lift was built in 2016 and has a crest of 71 meters. At that altitude you uniformly have a beautiful view of the abutting ditch! A MUST SEE when you are in Luxembourg.

The glass elevator connects Pescatore Park, located in the center of the city, and the Pfaffenthal district embedded in the Alzette valley.

The ride in the glass cabin offers a unique panoramic view (overcoming 71 meters of height) and is suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The usage of the Pfaffenthal lift is free.

The Chemin de la Corniche

After visiting the lift we took a 10 minute walk around the little houses in the neighborhood and went to the Chemin de la Corniche.

Residents and tourists uprightly call this the most elegant balcony in Europe, the Chemin de la Corniche. From this promenade you have a dazzling view of the deep basin and historical remembrances of Luxembourg. 

The tower was built for one Spanish and French in the 17th of one hundred years and served as a reinforcement at the time. Most of the obstruction has been destroyed, but the balance offers a wonderful freedom to look out over the basin and the historic lower city of Luxembourg. 

Let a guide lead you on a city walk or walk near the Chemin de la Corniche yourself for a photo opportunity.

Mudam Museum

The Mudam is a place entirely devoted to aesthetics. The building designed by the Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei is worth seeing it! The museum houses all art forms from painting, sculpture to video art.

It even offers a program of workshops for children or after-work events. When we were there we saw kids busy with blue stamps and their works were presented on shelves in the museum, too cute!

Visitors can also enjoy regional specialties. The museum is located at the foot of a gently sloping slope that leads to the Place de l’Europe, miraculously blending into its surroundings.

From the park with its permanent exhibitions, one can admire the building itself and the city at the same time.

We stayed here for a nice hour to contemplate the beautiful artwork and had dinner here at the Vegan Pop Up Cafe where the food was like art too.

+ tips for your stay in Luxembourg:

Get the Luxembourg Card for great discounts on museums, castles and other facilities during your trip.

Download the Luxembourg App

Cultural lover? Visit the 7 museums within 1 mile

We also did the Wenzel Walk! Really recommendable check out here the ( circular ) route!

Where to eat in Luxembourg

Mudam Pop Up Cafe

Mama Restaurant

Mesa Verde

Pas Sage

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