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How we Spend 1 Day in Brussels

Hey guys, here I am again with the promised post about my stay in Brussels. We decided to spend a day in Brussels!

The last time I was in Brussels I was around five years old so it was for me, almost around twenty (!) years ago.

We took the car from the Netherlands and within two hours which included a 5-min stop we were in the center of Brussels! And what a city it was!

I am going to share with you lovely people my day and the amazing pics I made! Read along 🙂

We parked in an underground parking, I swear I do not remember the name anymore but It was very close from the city center and you will find a bunch of underground parking which I found a plus.

Everywhere space. Be aware that you will pay around 3-4 euros per hour.

We took a 6-7 minutes walk to the city center and saw a Starbucks in ufo(?) style?

We sat here a while heating up, the weather was no good that day.

Cold and rainy but as a born Dutchie who cares?!

The Botanic Garden of Brussels

I am going to be totally honest. We went to Brussels without any itinary so while we were heating up at the Starbucks I checked the map on my phone and saw that in the neighborhood there was a botanic garden. the ‘ Kruidtuin’ The Botanic Garden (French: Botanique) is a park in the Belgian capital Brussels that was created in 1826 as a botanical garden.

It is located on the edge of the Brussels center in the municipality of Sint-Joost-ten-Node, not far from Brussels-North station.

The Botanic Garden also houses a cultural center of the French Community of Belgium.

Romantic vibes! Some funfacts about this park:

  • The Botanic Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Belgium and dates back to 1738.
  • The botanical garden is particularly important in terms of didactic, economic, scientific and recreational aspects.
  • On an area of more than 2 hectares there is an extensive collection of trees, shrubs and shrubs.
  • In addition to the collection of herbaceous plants, herbs, aquatic and container plants, the greenhouse complex exhibits a variety of tropical and subtropical species.

We walked back and headed into the shopping area.

It is shopping time! You will find bigger stores here,

Media Markt, Nike store, Footlocker, New Yorker etc.

Around these shops you will also find bars and spots that sell typical Belgique Fries and very good waffles!

The price for a waffle decorated with Kinder Bueno chocolate were around 6 euros and they were filled in cream.

Soooo sweeeeet.

We decided to take a look at some touristic hotspots and dived deeper in the citycenter.

An absolute must visit: Brussels Grand Place

It is simply unthinkable to visit Brussels without spending some time on the Grand Place.

Here you’ll find the Town Hall (one of the finest in the country), the Maison du Roi with the Museum of the City of Brussels, and many private homes from the late 17th century.

The architectural wealth of this square is simply overwhelming.

A stone’s throw from the Grand Place is the Royal Gallery, one of the oldest covered galleries in Europe, so beautiful day and night.

See my selfmade pictures below for yourself

Visit the Manneke Pis

This monument in the center of Brussels embodies the Brussels people’s sense of humor.

As you walk the streets of the city center you will see this statue and it is actually one of the most photographed fountains in the world!

This fountain was so busy that I had to tiptoe to make this pic.

But it was worth it and very funny decorated with Christmas decorations haha!

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