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5 x What to do in Luxembourg with kids

Luxembourg offers a special mix: of old and recently developed buildings.

The mix is also reflected in the language: some billboards are in German, the presence on public transport in French and Luxembourgish is spoken in between.

Want to visit Luxemburg with kids? Read here all about it.

TIP: Luxembourg Card

With the Luxembourg card, the entrance to more than 90 attractions is free, including the Science Center and the castles of Vianden and Larochette, very handy when you visit Luxembourg with kids.

This card therefore applies to the country and not only to Luxembourg City.

Pirate ship playground (Free in Luxembourg)

The Pirate Ship Playground (official name: Parc Municipal) is a great playground, especially on a sunny day. It is also only a short walk from the center.

In this playground is a huge ship, inside and out a great climbing adventure.

Of course, a ship also needs water and that is enough here.

A very clever system has been built with artificial springs and streams.

Children can use dams to make the stream flow faster and softer. You can also pump water yourself.

Bring dry clothes for your children, because nothing is more fun than a water fight and running through the water with your bare feet.

Castle playground (Free in Luxembourg)

Another playground that we think definitely belongs to the attractions in Luxembourg is the castle playground.

The castle can be found in Parc Schéiwisschen on Rue Charlemagne.

Inside the castle there is plenty to discover, such as cartoon-like figures. Perfect to visit with your kids in Luxembourg.

Science Centre

On a rainy afternoon, the Science Center in Differdange was a godsend for us.

This museum is half an hour’s drive from Luxembourg City. The Science Center is really a typical children’s museum.

You can sit anywhere, try it out and it is full of strange devices.

Really go here during a holiday or city trip to Luxembourg with children.

There are all kinds of games. During the day, shows are also organized (for an additional fee) with, for example, mathematics or liquids as a theme.

These shows are in French or English.

Vianden Castle

A completely different outing is Vianden Castle.

It starts off great: you can take a chair lift up to a height of 440 meters, so that you have a beautiful view of this old town.

The chairlift is closed in winter and in bad weather.

You can view this large castle with an audio tour, but you can also follow the route indicated in the castle itself.

This route is very nice, because it really criss-crosses through the castle.

From one floor to the next, past back rooms and through narrow stairs back to a large ballroom.

Panoramic Elevator

One of the coolest places to enjoy the view of the city is from the panoramic elevator.

This is an elevator that connects the lower town of Pfaffenthal with the upper town (at Pescatore Park).

The elevator covers a distance of 71 meters.

Along the way you can look out over the city from the glass cabin.

I liked this (free) ride so much that I actually wanted to get on a few more times! Your kids would be amazed!

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