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Celebrating Christmas in Rome

Christmas is around the corner and that means it is going to be a lot of fun! If you are planning to visit Rome then, keep reading. I will show you the best spots during Christmas in Rome, Italy! There is much to do and see in Rome during the Christmas holiday season, from early December through Epiphany on January 6. You can shop at the Christmas markets, visit a traditional nativity, and even go ice skating! Read more below what to do during Christmas in Rome

Visit Piazza Novana’s Christmas Market

The market runs for almost the entire December and finishese in the first week of January coinciging with the Feat of Epiphany. The Market on Piazza Novana in Rome offers a range of Christmas gifts, pastries, candy and clothes. There’s a merry-go-round and Babbo Natale.. Santa Claus, makes an appearance to delight the kids.

Visit St. Peters Basilica to Attend the Midnight Mass

At Christmas time it is not rare that people from all around the world travel to Rome! People visit the St. Peters Basilica on Christmas to listen to the Pope who celebrate Christmas eve Midnight mass! Another good thing, visiting the St. Peters Basilica is free for Midnight Mass, but make sure you reserve your spot on time!

Visit St. Peters Square to Admire Christmas Scenes

Something you will notice around the city are various of scenes, so called Nativity Scenes. Also, Each year, a huge Christmas tree is erected in Saint Peter’s Square. The scenes can be found at different churches around Rome. Every year the Christmas scenes are different and elsewhere, enjoy looking at the life-sized figures! I enjoy these so much! Not only churches set up these scenes, I noticed them also randomly in my street for example!

Visit the Rose Garden.

Another nice thing to do when you are staying in Rome is visit the Rose Garden, – a bit off xmas tho – it is located at Roseto Comuncale – Via Valle Murcia 6. You will find here 100s of roses. This place is just around the corner of Circo Massimo. (the famous historic theatre in Rome) Entrance is free! But inform yourself to make sure.

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