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Museums Free to Visit in the Netherlands

In this article we will show you 6 museums free to visit in the Netherlands. Allow for the possibility of modifications. Some other museums offer free admission days to the public. Despite the fact that the information in this article is correct, price changes are possible. Always check before going on a tour to see if the museum is still free to visit.

Dordrecht, Binnenvaartmuseum

Step aboard the Rene Siegfried and learn all about the Dutch interior. The only one of its kind, the Binnenvaartmuseum in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam, is filled with fascinating photographs, vitrines, and models. As a result, you will have a solid understanding of Dutch

Amsterdam, Cheese Museum

In Amsterdam’s small Cheese Museum, you can learn how cheese is made and, of course, try and buy some cheese! The entry is free. The Amsterdam Cheese Museum is worth a visit.

interior history.

Museum Rotterdam, 1940-1945

– Free admission on the first Tuesday of the month. Museum Rotterdam ’40 – ’45 is Museum Rotterdam’s second location. In addition to the general museum, you will find many documents and information about the Second World War here. Because Rotterdam had a lot to endure during the Second World war, this museum will show you everything about this sad period.

IJmuiden, SHIP

Lets stay with the boats. Are you a ship enthusiast? Then the SHIP museum in IJmuiden is a must-see attraction that you should not miss. SHIP focuses on interactive stuff. So, you can help carrying the harbour. and check out the ships in IJmuiden with special glasses.

Wageningen, Depot Beeldengallerij

Another free museums is – het Depot Beeldengallerij- Many paintings are based on the human body, while others require something entirely different. The Beeldengallerij is open to everyone, including children.

Rotterdam, Kunsthal

The Kunsthal in Rotterdam is free for kids under the age of 17.
The Kunsthal is a small exhibition space with a limited collection. Every year, you will find a completely different story. According to the official designation, the Kunsthal will not be called a museum. There are still a few well-known exhibitions. There are also exhibitions about North Korea, M.C. Escher and Leonardo Da Vinci.

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