What to keep in mind when looking about Berlin in the cold is that the experience is only enjoyable if you are not sluggish. You should be aware that Berlin can be dangerously humid from December to February. Are you planning your vacation to Berlin towards the end of November or early December? That’s cool because the city of Berlin then stands out among the many enjoyable traditional and alternative Christmas markets in Berlin. Because each market is unique, there is always at least one fun example between them for everyone. Check out below what to do more in Berlin during the winterperiod.

The Botanic Garden of Berlin

The Botanic Garden opens its doors to commemorate its Tropical Nights when it gets particularly chilly in January. Visitors may escape the cold on Friday and Saturday nights by listening to music and sipping beverages in the Tropical Greenhouse. The Botanic Garden hosts a variety of performances all year long, with summer concerts being the most popular .The botanical garden in Berlin extends to the largest area on Earth with a surface area of little over 43 acres and a total of 22,000 plant species. The structure is affiliated with the university and was originally built to investigate the plants from the German colony. After a brief introduction, you will be fully immersed in the diverse world of orchids, waterlilies, and other exotic plants.


Visiting Berlin with kids ? Go to this children’s museum. The stunning Natural History Museum, which contains a fantastic collection of dinosaur bones, is our first recommendation. Check out the massive Brachiosaurus juvenile in the middle of the exhibit as it is the largest tent-shaped dinosaur in history, at 12.6 meters tall and 23 meters long. Tristan the T-Rex, who visited Europe in 2015, will also start to remain a mystery in Berlin starting in 2022. Even before that, he had been in Copenhagen. The variety of animals that have been placed there are also delightful to see, and the 200 water-filled pots with animals are also attractive to see.

East Side Gallery

Did you know, East Side Gallery is the world’s longest open-air gallery. Can’t miss! At the East Side Gallery you will see the mile-long wall which is decorated with several graffiti artists’ works. Very inspiring and fun to see. The only remaining intact piece of London’s architecture is a about 1.3-kilometer-long mural that is colorfully decorated with works from 118 artists from across the world. All street art has a little amount of political overtones.

Go Ice Skating!

The most famous ice skating areas in Berlin are :

Neukölln Eisstadion, Oderstraße 182, S+U8 Hermann Street &
Hohenzollerndamm, Fritz-Wildung-Str. 9, Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion Wilmersdorf

Visit interesting museums

A trip to The Topography of Terror is required if you want to understand more about Nazi-Germany. Even the Jewish Museum shouldn’t be disregarded because it has artifacts from more than 2,000 years of Jewish culture. Reflection is encouraged by the Garden of Exile and De Memory Void, two stunning museum structures.

If you have more time, it could be a good idea to check to Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp, or the S-Bahn-accessible prisoner camp at Schöneweide. If you wish to leave Berlin in the Dark Ages, you may still learn current facts at museums.

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