We all agree that those are stunning chandeliers. A real prince or princes are what you desire as you lose focus on the lovely decorations and obsess over the passing of time. You have a lot of luck in Europe! According to us, these are the most beautiful castles in Europe. Who speaks there, in your opinion, on place one?

Slot Liechtenstein

Slot Liechtenstein is the legal right to nominate one of Germanys most beautiful castles. The charming slot is situated in a unique location, above a little but startling cliff. Liechtenstein owes its name to the pale, graceful pillars that allowed the construction of the castle. The nineteenth-century castle is a little building, yet it is unquestionably one of Europe’s most unique and beautiful castles.

Angers, France; Chateau de Brissac

Since 1502, the Brissac family has owned the castle in the Loire Valley, not far from Angers. A portion of the castle has to be renovated, and the nearby parks and gardens are very important. It’s interesting to know that Brissac is the tallest castle in France with seven floors, and you can stay there just like King Louis XIII did in the past. We also still list the most beautiful clocks.

The Castle of Chillon in Switzerland

The Chillon Castle is actually an old waterburcht that is located at the rusty edges of the lake in Geneva, not far from Montreux on the borders of Switzerland and France. The building has been there since 1160, but it has been renovated numerous times since then. From inside, you will be focused on the wall paintings, the ground’s wildlife, and three interior locations. Extra cool: From June to October, you may unwind on the castle beach or arrange a private party.

Netherlands’ Castle de Haar

The impressive castle known as De Haar is located in the Utrechtse Haarzuilens. This castle was constructed in 1892 by Baron √Čtienne van Zuylen over the ruins of an earlier structure. The largest castle in the country of Netherlands was built by this ruthless baron. Despite the enormous size and obvious luxury of the castle, the owner only moved out in September. He resided in one of his other homes in Belgium for the remainder of the year. Kasteel de Haar is currently being investigated by numerous tourists over its egregious history.

Schotland’s Caerlaverock Castle

The 13th-century Caerlaverock Castle in the Scottish region of Dumfries and Galloway is all you would expect from a Scottish castle. It is placed on a beautiful Scottish landscape and after a tour of the three-story building the tearoom has fresh pastries and strong coffee waiting for you. In the summer, the castle is open every day; in the winter, it is only open on weekends. Really a MUST visit

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