It’s helpful to have personal recommendations whether you’re looking for plant-based dining options or are vegetarian, vegan, or neither. Check out Rome’s top 5 vegan restaurants. Both in the old town and outlying areas, I’ve been looking for excellent vegetarian and vegan food. The locations I’m sharing with you are dedicated to providing you with organic food that has traveled zero kilometers. There isn’t much to worry about if you are a vegetarian visiting Rome or are seeking for vegan restaurants.

The delectable vegan options offered at these eateries would satisfy even the most discriminating palate, curious carnivores should agree. Using our list of the Top 5 vegetarian restaurants as a resource, we’re confident you’ll find the best vegetarian dining experiences for every meat-free meal in between, from breakfast to brunch, supper to late-night snacks.


 Via Angelo Emo 125/129, Rome, Italy

Vegan grocery store with iVeganEat kitchen and online shop. a fast food restaurant that serves items including hot dogs, burgers, wraps, Italian bread, salads, and desserts. The store offers a wide selection of goods, including seitan, tofu, tempeh, sweets, and cosmetics, as well as vegan cheeses, imitation fish, and traditional Italian meals. At first est. 2008.


87 Via Dei Gracchi is home to FLOWER BURGER 1.

LOCATIONAL AREA 2 | 21 Via Alessandria

The Milan-based vegan burger chain Flower Burger has locations all throughout Italy. These tiny vegan eateries replicate the original vegan burgers created by chef Marco Bianchi, a well-known vegan and wellness advocate from Italy. Their buns come in a variety of vibrant colors, including pink, yellow, purple, and black. About the ingredients, they are very open and honest. Some of Rome’s top vegan burgers and fries may be found here. You can purchase a menu for approximately €10 – 13 and choose from one of seven different types of burgers cooked with various combinations of grains, beans, tomatoes, onions, and vegetables.


56 Ettore Giovenale Street, Rome, Italy

The Pigneto neighborhood of Rome is home to the vegan eatery So What. Their cooking is fusion-style, with Italian-style dishes and vegan dishes from throughout the globe serving as inspiration for their menu. (€8 for pasta or a first dish, €6 for an appetizer) The prices are very reasonable. What is available there? For inspiration, here are a few dishes: seitan-based goulash, fettuccini with sage and cashew pesto, organic polenta with valerian sauce, wholewheat pasta with broccoli and porcini mushrooms. Every pasta dish can also be made gluten-free.


 Via Salaria, 203, Rome, Italy

In a fine dining atmosphere, a natural and ayurvedic kitchen serves a fusion of Italian and Indian foods. Fully vegan reported in August 2021. uses organic foods to prepare. utilizes compostable cartons for takeout and delivery. Est. 2020.


Via Margutta 118, Rome, Italy

This restaurant in Rome serves vegetarian and vegan food, and their vegan menu still has a lot to offer. It’s quite near Piazza del Popolo, and after you’re done, I recommend continuing to stroll along Via Margutta because it’s such a lovely back lane. When looking for Vegan Places to Eat this is where you should go!

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