Are you guys ready? It might look far away but before you know it is Christmas! And ofcourse you need to visit those lovely Christmas markets during your Christmas holiday! Lets see which Christmas markets in Europe are the best! We will help you pick the 5 finest Christmas markets in Europe after Strasbourg, Tallinn, Budapest, all of which have received awards in previous years. Discover Europe’s best Christmas markets, the greatest Christmas markets in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Austria, and France, as well as the most gorgeous Christmas trees, lights, and holidays.

Basel, Switzerland

The Basel Christmas Market consistently ranks among your top holiday marketplaces in Europe. Basel, Switzerland’s largest and most picturesque Christmas city, has a long history and is well worth a trip every year. Around a hundred towering pine trees line the streets and stand like beautifully lighted sentinels marking the way for the visitor. The Old Town is resplendent in the warm Christmas light, and many of the stores and building facades glisten with a golden glow. The Christmas market, which is being hosted in the city’s center and at the center of the festively adorned Old Town, is especially recommended. On Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz, the Basel Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful places of Switzerland.

Malaga , Spain

The city’s Christmas lights are without a doubt what best captures the spirit of Christmas in Málaga.Every year, a large crowd gathers on Larios Street to see the lights switch on, signaling the beginning of the holiday season, which is well enjoyed by both locals and visitors.Daily light and music shows are held in the center to enthrall those who throng there with enthusiasm. Because Christmas cheer permeates every nook and cranny of Málaga’s streets. The magnificent Nativity scenes, which associations and clubs of all types have fervently created across the city, are joined by the Christmas trees, wickerwork figurines, and hundreds of poinsettias.


Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig’s Christmas market has been around since the year 1458. Leipzig’s Christmas market is one of the largest and oldest in Germany, with more than 250 sparkling stalls seamlessly blending into the city’s historic center. Visitors have a wide range of festive treats to choose from, such as several gastronomic delights and the city’s typical medieval market.
Marketplatz, the primary location of the Christmas market, is where tourists may marvel at a 20-meter-tall Saxon spruce Christmas tree and take in a variety of acts on the stage there. A 38-meter-high ferris wheel at Augustusplatz Square gives panoramic views of the seasons from a lofty vantage point.


London’s Southbank Centre Christmas Market

A great Christmas market to discover for when you are in London! Right in Southbank center . Witness how the Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival transforms the riverbank of the South Bank into a winter paradise where international cuisine and an artisan Christmas market are combined in one glistening setting. Stroll through the iconic wooden chalets that line the Thames and stop at the Winter Market to pick some lovely gift stuffers, or indulge in cheesy fare, drinks, and mulled wine.

Visit Edinburgh Christmas Market

Although Edinburgh’s main street is often busy, the holiday season brings Princes Street Gardens to life even more with rows of wooden cottages and amusement attractions. Drink some mulled wine, soar into the brisk winter air on mechanical swings, or just take in the wonderful sight of Princes Street decked out in dazzling lights. It is one of the largest and most established attractions available.

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