London is a cultural mecca, home to nearly every possible type of museum and gallery. These fantastic free museums in London are not to be missed. In London, most museums are free to enter. like the historical tour of Britain offered by the British Museum. Visit the Tate Modern if you want modern art. Choose the Turbine Hall, where every six months an artist installs a massive sculpture or piece of art. Additionally suggested and both with free admission are the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. It’s no secret that London isn’t the most affordable city. So lets check out free museums to enter! Free? yes, it might be surprising how many museums in London are free to enter. Almost all of the city’s largest museums and galleries are completely free to visit! Lets explore 13 chosen for this post, free museums in London below !

Remember that you frequently need to book a (free) ticket and/or time slot for your visit in advance. Usually, the museum website makes this simple to accomplish. For some transient exhibits and events, you might additionally need to make an additional payment, now lets move on and check out 13 free museums to enter in London

The Museum of London

The first museum which is free to enter is the Museum of London! Enter the Museum of London to travel through the stormy past of the British metropolis. The English capital’s history, from prehistoric periods to the present, is chronicled at the Museum of London.

Explore prehistoric London and observe how the city transformed during Roman and Saxon rule. Marvel at medieval London, a metropolis that experienced civil wars, the plague, and massive fires. Learn everything you can about London’s beginnings.

Tate Modern Museum

Tate Modern, together with Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, and Tate St. Ives, is a member of the Tate Gallery collective and is the national museum for (international) modern art in the United Kingdom. The fact that this South Bank modern art museum is built in a former power plant makes it worthwhile to see on its own and also free to visit

Entry to the permanent collection, which comprises both international modern and contemporary art and the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present, is free. Visit the charming riverside café on the first level as well.

Tate Britain

The world’s biggest collection of British art is also available for free viewing at Tate Britain. From 1500 until the present, there are works of British art in the collection. There are masterpieces on exhibit by artists including John Constable and JMW Turner. But there is also modern and contemporary art, including works by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Barbara Hepworth, and David Hockney, to mention a few. Regular temporary exhibitions are also available to view.

The Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is unexpectedly outstanding, while The Painted Hall is near. It’s not necessary to be an expert in history to appreciate learning about Britain’s naval past. It is really fascinating to trace the history of the waters in Britain beginning with the Roman invasion (appropriately in Greenwich). Additionally, keep a look out for the transient exhibits, many of which require tickets, on a variety of topics, from Ansel Adams to Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

Imperial War Museum

Another free museum to visit during your trip in London Visit the Imperial War Museum in London to learn about the dramatic history of contemporary warfare. Here, you may see a number of exhibitions that take you through the histories of contemporary wars, from the First World War to the present, as witnessed by the people who experienced them firsthand. Open everyday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM; reservations are advised.

The Wallace Collection

This collection is a must visit! Its collection is remarkable and on par with those of the main institutions. Old masterpieces and famous figures are nearly entirely displayed on the walls. The Wallace is housed in a gorgeous old structure, so don’t anticipate antiseptic surroundings with white walls. This is perhaps one of the tiniest and least well-known of our favorite London museums.

London Art Gallery

I think I’ve only gone to this London art gallery once, which is obviously way too few times. It is also a free museum and One of London’s most outstanding art displays is located here. They have amazing arts. You can view artworks of Botticelli, van Eyck, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, and many others. If you still have any energy, check out the National Portrait Gallery, which is directly around the corner from the museum and is also free, which is situated in the lovely Trafalgar Square.

The Bank Of England Museum

The Bank of England collection used to only be accessible through a private and exclusive tour, but it is now much more widely available. The collection of bank notes and other artifacts is available for free public viewing. The most intriguing item among them all may not even involve money. Instead, it is Kenneth Grahame’s heartfelt resignation letter. Grahame spent 30 years working for the bank and is best known for writing the children’s classics!

The London Mithraeum

A genuine combination of old and modern may be found in one of London’s odder and lesser-known locations but s free museum in London as well Those wishing to learn all about Britain’s long maritime history should visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The London Mithraeum is an awkwardly situated museum in the midst of the metropolis that is built upon the ruins of a Roman temple. It is housed behind the Bloomberg Buildings’ gleaming glass front. A trip to the Mithraeum provides a whole sensory experience rather than just looking at antiquated artifacts. A timed admission allows you to spend 10 dramatic and entertaining minutes immersed in the Roman culture. The correct approach is to envision chanting and ominous lighting.

Natural History Museum

Visit the earthquake simulator, interact with a T-Rex up close, and explore Earth’s past at the Natural History Museum’s exhibits. The vast museum collection contains rare artifacts and more than 80 million (!) specimens lothat collectively span 4.5 billion years.The enormous blue whale skeleton in Hintze Hall, the fossils in the top Dinosaurs gallery, and meteorites from space are among the most well-known items in the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. Additionally, just the stunning structure itself is worth a visit!

The History Museum is open every day of the week (except on some holidays). For a free visit to the museum, be sure to reserve tickets in advance on the website.

The Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum, which is located in a sizable space that was formerly the Hendon Aerodrome, houses a sizable collection of artefacts related to the British air force. There is a sizable collection of artefacts, including authentic Supermarine Spitfires from the Battle of Britain, literature, and photos, in five hangars and another sizable structure. Along with a fantastic cafe, there is an area just for children that has imitation helicopters and planes. The museum open every day of the week (except on some holidays). For a free visit, be sure to reserve tickets in advance on the website.

Victoria and Albert Museum or known as V&A

Anyone who appreciates art and design must visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, or V&A. From all around the world, you may find unique examples of architecture, art, sculpture, fashion, textiles, pottery, and jewelry. All Of this you can see during your free visit Additionally, there are recurring temporary exhibitions on topics including major fashion designers like Christian Dior and popular cultural trends. You may also watch Secrets of the Museum at home to learn more about the Q&A and the backstage activities. The BBC’s six-part documentary series demonstrates the curators’ and restorers’ processes.

The Design Museum in Kensington

The last free museum on the list is the Design Museum which takes you on a fascinating journey through the fascinating history of design throughout time inside the brand-new, ultra-modern structure. The displays include items from the product, industrial, fashion, architectural, and graphic design categories.

After seeing this wonderful, free museum in London, you’ll see classics like the London Tube Map come to life and see commonplace items in an entirely new light.

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