Are you in London and do you want to do something different? Read here the best things to do in London! From a Harry Potter – tour to a visit to Warner Bros Studio Tour! Check out these family friendly tours

Ghost Walk and River Thames Boat Ride

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Maybe also a nice idea for Halloween 2022 in London? Why not?! Book your tickets here.. if you dare ;)! Take a ghost tour across London’s historic and haunted sites and feel the chills run down your spine. A 2-hour walking tour and boat trip will take you to some of the city’s shadowiest nooks. Travel in style down the River Thames on a vessel with a bar. View the iconic landmarks of London lit up for the evening against the pitch-black night sky. Continue walking as you find the location of the most spooky mansion and prowl through parks filled with gruesome past events. Spend the evening in the Tower of London, a historic jail and royal fortress. Sounds amazing for Halloween night in London, doesn’t it?

The City of Harry Potter Exploration Game

This game is budget proof, the prices start from 6,99 euro 🙂

Set off on an adventure across London as “Theodgar,” a formidable Wizard who choose to dwell among and defend humanity. You will battle Ozin, the sorcerer who wants to destroy Earth, by following the hints you will be given in the app. You will pass Westminster Station, Downing Street, Horse Guards Avenue, Trafalgar Square, and other well-known Harry Potter filming locations along the route. Take your time looking about them and reading their narrative on the app. Simply follow the instructions you’ll get via email after making your reservation to begin the game. Very family friendly is that on one phone, it is advised that you play with no more than four other players. Access can be purchased by one individual for bigger groups.

Visit Madame Tussauds London

So sightseeing at Madame Tussauds and spot your favorite celebs. Madame Tussauds is also very family friendly. A visit to Madame Tussauds is perfect during autumn when it is raining outside! Join your favorite stars, such as Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne, and Benedict Cumberbatch, at the ultimate party. Take a photo with Harry and Meghan, walk the catwalk with Cara, and stand with the Royal Family on the famous balcony. Book your tickets with discount here

Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

Explore Muggle London in the footsteps of your favorite wizards and witches. Along the way, your knowledgeable tour guide will be prepared with odd and fascinating tidbits about Harry Potter. Find out which Hogwarts House you belong in when you meet your guide and begin your quest. View the locations that inspired J.K. while competing against other Houses in an interactive quiz. From Shakespeare’s Globe to the London lanes that served as the model for Knockturn Alley, Rowling. Book your tickets with discount right here!

One of the highlights is passing The Leaky Cauldron, a hidden inn for wizards. Learn more about the actual Diagon Alley, where Harry first purchases a wand. even witness the Death Eaters in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” destroying the bridge.

Book a Ticket to Warner Bros. Studio Tour with Transfer

At the Warner Brothers Studio, immerse yourself in the fantastic wizarding world of Harry Potter. Return transportation is provided. Discover the making of the most popular movie series of all time. Book your ticket including transfer here
Explore the backstage areas to find amazing sets, costumes, and accessories. See classic items like Harry’s Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s motorcycle, as well as information on the special effects and animatronics that helped the Harry Potter movies become so well-known worldwide. Relive other iconic locations including the Potions classroom, Hagrid’s hut, the boys’ dorm, and the Gryffindor common room.

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