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Best most scary places to visit during Halloween 2023 Travel in Europe

In Europe you can find some terrifying places. From abandoned old castles to endless underground tunnel networks. In the mood to get scared? Read below the best places to travel to during Halloween. Are you ready? See here the best places to visit.

Visit the abandoned village of Doel, Belgium

In Belgium during autumn? Visit Doel. It may not be the classic outing, but a visit to the ghost town of Doel is definitely worth it. Doel is a sub-municipality of Beveren, the village would disappear due to the expansion plans of the port of Antwerp. Most inhabitants were expropriated, so that the village is now virtually empty. The houses that are ‘ left ‘ are fully painted with graffiti. One of the best places to visit for Halloween.


Visit the Horror Museum in London or if you are in Amsterdam ; Dungeon

London is a popular destination during Halloween. There are many places to go but a visit to the horror museum London Dungeon is therefore a real must-do! The London Dungeon is a unique and exciting attraction that takes you back to the dark past of the British capital. You’ll come face to face with London’s most infamous historical characters, including serial killer Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett. Not in London? Visit the Dungeon in Amsterdam! The Amsterdam Dungeon is one of the most horrific shows of The Netherlands. Maybe even the best! At the Amsterdam Dungeon 500 years of dark history is brought to life in live shows with actors in one breathtaking experience.

Visit Loch Ness near Inverness, Scotland

Halloween, of course, is all about the fear of death. A more exciting place than an ancient cemetery in Scotland is hardly imaginable. Boleskine graveyard is such a dark, mythical place; about which the story goes that there are supernatural activities that would take place. The nearby Boleskine house, therefore, attracted dark types, as did worshipers of black magic, such as guitarist Larry Page of hard rock group Led Zeppelin. Their most famous song is Stairway to heaven with the mysterious phrase My spirit is crying for leaving.

Not impressed? Visit Loch Ness… the Loch Ness Lake is world famous for a different kind of appearance; that of the Loch Ness monster. The prehistoric animal is said to have been seen as early as the 7th century. A couple years ago scientists using sonar, found an object shaped like the monster. Moments later, it miraculously disappeared. At the Loch Ness Center & Exhibit in Drumnadrochit, learn all about Nessie, as the monster is affectionately known. It is located half an hour’s drive from the city of Inverness and also easily accessible from Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow.


Halloween in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen during Halloween? Then you should visit Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Garden is an amusement park and gardens in the center of Copenhagen. It sits in the shadow of City Hall and Copenhagen Central Station. It’s an amusement park in the city center of a European capital – but Tivoli is magical. Tivoli Halloween features some amazing Fall decorations. It’s also decorated in a way that the whole family will love- nothing too scary. I find it the best place to celebrate Halloween with your family.

There are festive fall crafts and spooky Halloween decorations for sale by vendors all over Tivoli. Today you can experience enough in this popular theme park to get your Halloween cravings. There are various attractions such as ‘The Little Ghost Train’. Or do some Halloween shopping and enjoy the park decorated with creepy scarecrows and the most creatively carved pumpkins.


Bran Castle in Romania is known as Dracula Castle.

First of all, did you know it is very, very cheap to fly to Romania? Find here a cheap flight ticket for less than 17 euros! Where better to celebrate Halloween than here? This fascinating turreted castle sits on a high rocky peak near the village of Bran, in the historic region of Transylvania.

Bran Castle is called Dracula Castle because it resembles Count Dracula’s castle in Irish writer Bram Stoker’s novel and horror story. Count Dracula is an aristocratic vampire from Transylvania, and the success of the story’s book and movies has made the Count the most famous vampire in the world. Book your cheap flight ticket to Romania now

Famous Catacombs of Paris

Travel to Paris! Above the ground there is of course more than enough to see in Paris, but did you know that among all the great monuments of Paris there is another special attraction? Perfect for Halloween..

The catacombs in Paris.. You can visit the underground tunnels which about 300 kilometers in total. In these dark, narrow passages below lie the ancient bones of more than 5 million dead Parisians The old limestone quarries below the town were used in the eighteenth century as a repository for the bones and skulls of the dead that could no longer be laid to rest in the town’s existing cemeteries. Descending into the tunnels is for the most part illegal, as it is very easy to get lost in the tunnels… Book a guide below to make sure this wont happen to you, or do you dare to go alone?

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