Finding locations that support ecotourism is another way to travel sustainably. Sustainable travel does not need you to travel slowly or that you can never fly again. We picked the best, remarkable eco -friendly destinations and locations from throughout Europe that serve as role models for eco green projects.

Azores – Portugal

The Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands in Portugal, has the distinction of being the only archipelago in the whole planet. The majority of the energy utilized on the islands is generated from renewable resources, and water consumption is similarly tightly controlled. The green islands also feature a diverse geo-biodiversity. A maximum number of hotel rooms that can accommodate visitors and sustainable development maintain the environment and guard against overtourism. Some of the most popular attractions on the islands, including the Caldeira Velha hot springs, have entry restrictions to prevent crowding.

Finally, there is a cap on the quantity of hotel rooms that may accommodate visitors. The terrain is shielded from commercial tourists in this way. How eco friendly for the planet is that?!

Helsinki – Finland

This eco friendly destination has been on my bucket list for so long! Helsinki has significant ambitions to become a climatically neutral city. Helsinki makes it easy to choose experiences with a small ecological footprint and hotels that maintain a sense of awareness for the environment as an example for sustainable living.Eco-initiatives are focused on the city’s goals of reducing cO2 emissions by 60% by 2030 and becoming completely carbon neutral by 2035. WOW! There are already 1200 kilometers of bicycle lanes throughout the city! The focus is on textile recycling and second-hand stores in order to assist in reducing consumption. Libraries also provide paid services, ranging from 3D printing to book rental


Catalonia – Spain

Yes the whole region! And did you know? It is the first region to get the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certificate. Not really a certification, as this title is recognized by UNESCO and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Eco friendly services and goods are labeled with an EU Ecolabel in Catalonia, therefore long trips are quite simple to arrange here! In the former open-air coal mines of Fgols-Vallcebre Fumanya, which are now a recognized paleontology site, you may walk in the petrified footprints of dinosaurs. The Cardona Salt Mountain Cultural Park is another fantastic location; following the mine’s closure in the 1990s, the park now gives visitors the chance to learn about the area’s distinctive natural geology.

Copenhagen – Denmark


Copenhagen is active, as evidenced by its 2014 win of the European Green Capital Award. By 2025, it is the goal to become the first CO2-neutral city in the world. Bravo, Copenhagen! Additionally, the Danish capital is renowned for its effective public transportation system that includes bicycles. All city buses now utilize green power, and bicycles outnumber vehicles in the city by a factor of more than five. Going on a green bike tour is also pleasant. After that, you will travel around all of the city’s parks with a guide and an electric bicycle, of course. Consider wind turbines, green roofs, cycling bridges, and energy-efficient structures. Crazy!

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