Which apps are useful this year when you go out? What about exchange rates? How do you find the best restaurants? Fortunately, there are very handy apps for this! Read below more which apps I use the most during my travels.

Currency Converter

A must for your phone is an app that allows you to convert the local currency into euros. I personally find the Currency Converter app very easy and useful. You can use the exchange rate app offline. Extremely handy if you want to withdraw money or are negotiating at a local market somewhere.

Mobile Video Editing Apps

It’s hard to resist and not share your travel photos and videos. However, making them of pro-quality is a must if you do travel blogging for a living. And here’s where mobile video editing apps (https://blog.lift.bio/best-mobile-video-editor) come in handy. With a great variety of such apps, you can be as creative as you want to dazzle your followers with incredible posts and reels.

Google Translate

This app makes it a lot easier to communicate with the locals of the country where you are. The translations can easily help you a long way. It also gives you an option to use it offline if you don’t have wifi. If you are in a restaurant and want to be sure that you are going to order something that you also like. There are more than 100 languages ​​in this app you can use it in almost any country.


Airbnb is a platform where individuals can rent out their own house or room. This has the advantage for the traveler that you really feel what it is like to live in the middle of a city. Via the Airbnb app you can instantly search for accommodations anywhere in the world. You can also stay in touch with the landlord via the app.


Are you traveling and looking for that one nice restaurant? Or do you want to know what fun things are to do in the city where you are? I always use the Tripadvisor app for that. People like you and me can leave their review on this apps. The Tripadvisor app simply gives you a clear overview of restaurants, hotels and the most beautiful sights in the city you selected.


I almost always use the app of the accommodation website Booking.com to book hotels. The app is just nice! It is also ideal to see your reservations, the address of your hotel, even in local language.

Uber or Bolt

The indispensable transport app when traveling: Uber or Bolt. These taxis are currently running in almost all major cities and at airports in the world. It often saves a bunch of money compared to a regular taxi. If you want to order a taxi, enter the address and the app will indicate what this ride will cost. You order the taxi and you can see on the map exactly where your taxi is at that moment and within how many minutes it will be with you. In addition, with a photo you can see who the driver is and in which car he will pick you up.

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