The holiday is booked, the suitcases packed and you feel like the well-deserved rest. But first you have to survive that long flight to your holiday destination. The combination of insomnia, uncomfortable seats, and tasteless airplane food can be daunting, but don’t let that long flight stop you from your dream trip. We have the best tips for you to survive a long-haul: before, during and after the flight, that’s a breeze!

Take an empty bottle with you

Of course, you are not allowed to take liquids with you on the plane, but an empty bottle is allowed. You then fill this with tap water so that you always have something to drink at hand.

Book the right time

If you can easily sleep on a plane, it is smart to book a night flight, so that you can immediately enjoy your holiday in the morning upon arrival. If sleeping during the flight is difficult for you, then a day flight is a better choice.

Don’t eat too much fat

Do you often go to a fast food restaurant at the airport before you get on the plane? The fatty, fried food can cause you to suffer from your stomach during the flight. Your body has trouble digesting this properly. Therefore, avoid fatty food when you fly.

Put on comfortable clothes

Many travelers often find it cold on the plane. So you do well to bring comfortable, but especially warm clothes. Put on several layers so that when you arrive in a warm country you don’t have to walk around in your fleece sweater and wool socks.

Bring a book or watch a movie

Haven’t seen the latest blockbuster or a popular series yet? Then a long flight is the perfect opportunity to watch it.


Those who want to take a nap during the trip can not do without good earplugs. Loud passengers, crying babies and restless types will keep you from sleeping. If you want to be assured of your rest and don’t mind spending a little more money, then it’s smart to buy noise-canceling headphones.

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