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Everything you need to know when you travel solo | Find here the best tips

Why wait for someone else to travel when you can also go on holiday alone? In this post I explain what I usually take with me during my solo travels, which may also be useful for you.

Not sure if solo travel is for you?

Then it is an idea to make a small solo trip or city trip in Europe. That way you will notice if you like it and if you can enjoy yourself. The disadvantage is that a weekend away on your own is of course different than when you make a longer trip. You may encounter fewer people who are also traveling alone due to the destination where you are and/or the period in which you travel. Throwing yourself in the deep end won’t hurt either. Both options have disadvantages and advantages.

Ask yourself these questions ;

Choose your ultimate destination; Where do I wanna go? ( in this post here I recommended countries which are perfect for people who like to travel solo )
That makes booking your holiday a lot easier. If you have no idea yet, it is useful to first list a few things for yourself.

– How long do you want to go on vacation?
– Do you want to go on holiday in Europe or outside Europe?
– What do you want to do on vacation?

Hiking? cycling ? Or just enjoy yourself best on the beach? Or do you feel more at home in big cities where you will find a lot of culture and history?

This is how you keep it affordable

Unfortunately, the reality is that going on holiday alone is usually a lot more expensive than with two. With package holidays you often pay a surcharge if you travel alone, so in most cases it is cheaper to book your flight and accommodation separately. Especially when you choose a low-cost airline such as Easyjet, Wizz Air or Ryanair. For example, my return tickets to Nice cost me less than €40 !

Skyscanner is a handy website to search for cheap tickets. If you are not tied to a specific period, you can also select a month at ‘departure’ instead of a day. You will then see the cheapest departure dates in that month. In this post here I explained how to use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights!

Calculate approximately how much money you will need

Before you leave, try to calculate how much money you will need for your trip. It is not nice to arrive at your destination and actually have almost run out of money after half of your trip and therefore have to skip activities in your last weeks.

Pack your bag as light as possible

Do you really need six dresses, six bikinis and three pairs of shoes? My experience has taught me that you have two or three fairly basic favorites, because it just feels good. That is perhaps the most important. Choose easy colors so that you can combine everything a bit. In addition, with a lighter bag it is simply much more chilled and cheaper to travel.

Become ‘married’

Don’t just tell anyone that you are traveling alone. You never know what they’re up to. As a woman, you can also choose to wear a cheap ‘wedding ring’ to keep annoying men at a distance. Safety before everything.

Bring a notebook/diary

Sitting alone in a restaurant may seem awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. It is the perfect place to write down a travel report, goals and impressions in a diary. This way you have something to do and you can completely unwind.

You can not travel without a powerbank

My iPhone is not only there for taking pictures and texting, it also gives me a safe feeling to be reachable at all times. It is absolutely necessary when you’re on the road, especially as a solo traveler. Traveling solo without a phone could be a huge safety concern.

Ever heard of a personal alarm?

A personal alarm is a great alternative if attacker approaches you, then a personal alarm may deter them from acting further and alert by-standers. This is unlikely to happen, but it’s best to prepare for any outcome. This is perfectly legal.

Get relaxed with the best headphones

A good pair of earphones are a must when traveling solo whether it’s for the plane ride, hiking or at the restaurant. Make sure you downloaded your Spotify playlist so you can listen to your favorite music without Wi-Fi.

A lock

A lock can be useful in many instances such as at some hostels to lock your belongings, or facilities where you may use lockers to keep your things. If you want to lock your luggage, make sure the lock is TSA approved.

Last but not least

Relaaaaaaaax. Have a great time and do not worry too much, just make sure you planned your stuff before you go and enjoy it! And don’t forget to share your journey on social media using #SoloFemaleTraveller hashtags or any other!

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