Various studies over the past few years have shown that there is a clear and demonstrable link between travel / going on holiday and mental happiness / physical health. How holidays and travel make us successful? Read on!

Travel brings Relaxation

On your beach bed, a cocktail on a terrace, or the silence of a deserted mountain top. Everyone relaxes in their own way. And relaxation, escaping stress, is incredibly important. Research shows that people on holiday already feel a lower level of stress after three to four days.

Travel Creates Space

Science is clear about this. “As we experience more stress, the part of the brain that is responsible for our memory, consciousness and attention malfunctions more often. Not checking your mail, reading a book or having a conversation for a few days can already be psychologically refreshing.”

Travel provides new insights

Do you recognize that? That you are on holiday and you suddenly come up with all kinds of new ideas, make new resolutions and return full of new inspiration? That’s actually quite logical. When you travel, you look at things in your life a little differently: after all, you are no longer in the middle of it, so that you can suddenly observe everything a lot more objectively. Traveling therefore means not only traveling physically, but also emotionally.

Travel teaches you to appreciate more at home

Traveling provides new insights on several fronts. When traveling you are much more inclined to look at details: everything is new, you want to take in as much as possible. Special street art suddenly gets your attention, just like the people you meet or the beautiful architecture on the spot. You notice the little things in life much more when you travel, appreciate them much more.

Making new friends

When you want to make exciting and new friends, travel offers the ideal platform to make this wish come true. After all, on holiday the atmosphere is pleasant and you have more time to work on your social contacts. For example, instead of watching television or staying indoors, you can participate in activities that you have always wanted to do. You do things you enjoy doing, so the chances of meeting someone you click with are higher than usual.

You will learn to overcome fears

Everyone has one or more fears and traveling is a fun way to confront and overcome your phobias. Nevertheless, many people have already lost their fear of heights simply by getting on a plane and confronting their phobia. The chance that you are traveling alone is generally also small. That means there are likely to be loved ones by your side and that’s an advantage because they can support you when you look your fears straight in the eye.

Breaking the daily grind

A very good reason to travel is simply that it is a great way to break the daily grind. After all, in your own country, the chance that you cling to a certain routine is very high. You go to work, you raise the kids and every weekend you visit family…Sounds familiar, right? However, going on holiday is synonymous with a whole new world that opens up for you. There is so much to do and the possibilities are endless. This ensures that you are mentally refreshed when you return!

Travel is good for your confidence

You do things you don’t normally do, you arrange what needs to be arranged, you meet new people, make new friends, do new things. You make your own decisions, you are in charge. You are on your own for a while, you stand up for yourself and notice that it works. You can take on the whole world.

You are charged after your holiday

Research shows that your body and brain really need time to recover from the negative effects of work, such as stress and tension. There is even a demonstrably negative relationship between not taking a holiday on the one hand and health & life expectancy on the other (de Bloom et. al., 2009, Strauss-Blassche et. al., 2002). The same research shows that the physical distance from work is of great importance.

Traveling during your holiday is therefore the best way to ensure that you are fully recovered and can get back to work after your holiday fully charged!

All these things contribute to your happiness in life. Therefore keep dreaming, and if it is possible and safe, continue your journey.

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