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72 Hours in Belgrade, Serbia | The Best Perfect Travel Itinerary for a 3 days stay

Belgrade is located in the middle of Serbia, has an area of ​​3,223 km² and has more than 1 million inhabitants. The city is located on the southern edge of the Pannonian plain and on the Danube.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, may not be the first city that comes to mind to visit. However, this city has an interesting history and many sights.

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. The former capital of Yugoslavia is bursting with fun things to do in Belgrade for everyone to enjoy. Belgrade is one of the most interesting capitals in Europe. The Balkan city offers much more than meets the eye! It is the best.

It will probably be clear to you by now that Belgrade is a beautiful city and worth a visit. What besides these beautiful sights is the biggest reason for me. And also, Belgrade has a very good nightlife. Maybe even the best for travel in the Balkan.

In this city you will find the best nightlife in all of Eastern Europe and you can go out every night of the week in one of the many clubs and bars. Therefore, a number of reasons why Belgrade is also worth a city trip. And yes! Its true.. Serbia is VERY cheap. Which makes it also super attractive to visit and is best for travel. check out below the best Itinerary for your visit to Belgrade and what to do in Belgrade in 3 days.

This city is full of hidden gems which are the best!! It is not without reason that a visit to Belgrade is becoming increasingly popular. In this post you can read my itinerary for what to do in Belgrade within 3 days. It is the best for travel.

I stayed at the Mama Shelter hotel above the Rajiceva shopping mall. Read here more about my stay in Belgrade. I flew to Belgrade for a very cheap price of 34 euros per person I flew with my son so we spend only 70 euros for our flights!!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP 🙂

Isn’t that an amazing best price for travel How I did that,? you can read it here find the best travel deals. now, lets head on to the Itinerary!

Please read this!

When we arrived at the airport we took a taxi voucher so that taxi-drivers cant scam you. I paid 2200 RSD which is 18 euros. My hotel and everything I wanted to visit was in Zone 2.

When I arrived at the taxi spot at the airport it was terrible. Every taxi driver wanted to scam me and even said that I needed two vouchers, but that’s a total lie. Also another taxi driver told me that he was illegal and can not drive for that price, and another taxi driver said the trip was going to cost 40 euros instead of 18 euros. So there my son and I were, in the evening and the cold.. waiting for a LEGAL TAXI.

my tip; do not walk to the first taxi you see. Walk a bit ahead and you will see another taxi-spot where you will find fair taxi driver. Luckily I ended up finding a fair taxi driver, but it really costed me more than 20 minutes.

The First Day

So what did we do in 72 hours? Ready to read my 3 day Itinerary in Belgrade! Kid Friendly as I went with my son 👇

We spend time at the main street of Belgrade center the Knez Mihailova Street. Here you will find on both sides of this street restaurants bars and shops. Cute bookstores but also the famous Zara, H&M, Pandora are here. So, you will also find mainstream shops. After shopping we ate actually lunch in our hotel since it has a rooftop restaurant. Our hotel is located in the Rajiceve mall, which is in this same street.

When we were finished we went back to the Knez Mihailova street again to visit the Zepter Museum. I paid here 200 RSD which is around 1 euro I think. Kids are free and on Sunday the entrance is free for everyone.

Zepter Museum is an 3 floor art-museum which has different art and sculptures of only Serbian artists. My son, Joel and I were stunned by the amazing works!

The building has three free standing façades and is overlooking Kneza Mihaila Street. It was modelled after multifunctional buildings of the Berlin Secession and is one of rare examples of Berlin and Hungarian Secession in Belgrade.

The interior was designed with particular attention and from the very beginning.

Joel and I spend approx. 40 minutes inside and ended with buying 5 postcards for 450 RSD as a souvenir. Isn’t that the best for travel? To take something home to look at later? 😉

Afterwards, if you are in the mood for some history you can visit the National Museum of Serbia which is a 10 minutes walk from the Kneza Mihaila Street. Beside history there is also art. The entrance fee is 300 RSD and entrance is free on Sunday.

Afterwards we went to take a visit at the indoor mall Rajiceve , which has four floors. Below you will find pharmacies like DM, on the first floor you will find shoe and clothing stores and on the floor above that there is a food plaza.

They have a McDonalds, Ofcourse my son needed to eat here 😂😂. Asian bar, and a Vapiano, which is a lovely pasta restaurant and a great spot to sit if you work online. On the 3rd floor you will find a kids area with ball-pits, slides etc. Really nice if you have toddlers.

Wondering where I had dinner? The next days I dined and drank at the hotel, ( Mama Shelter ) which has a rooftop restaurant open for everyone from 1 in the afternoon. We also ate 1 time at the KFC which is next to the Acedemic Park.

On the second day we visited the Kalamegdan Park.

The Kalamegdan Park has so much to offer! It is the best place for kids during your travel in Serbia. It has museums, a dino park for kids, playgrounds cultural and historical monuments, the Belgrade fortress, a zoo and we also did archery here. The Kalemegdan park is the perfect place to spend an entire day. In the summer there are often festivities in the park. My SON LOVED THE PARK!

First we took the tourist train for 180 RSD, we went inside the Belgrade Fortress and during this trip you can see all the touristic highlights, best views and galleries. It is really good to see this because then you know how to walk towards it. We also saw a place where they did archery.

My son really wanted to try this out! After we stepped out of the train, since the train doesn’t stop anywhere.. you step in at the entrance and it drops you off exactly at the entrance, oops! We tried out archery, we paid 600 RSD for 10 times shooting and for 20 times shooting you will pay 1000 RSD.

After wards we visited the dino-park, we paid 600 RSD for entry,( kid + adult) they had life-heighted dinosaurs a cable car and a pretty playground. We stayed here more than an hour there were many kids from different cultures who were so nice to each other. There is also a bar located in the dinosaur park.

Afterwards we visited the Belgrade Fortress by walking. The Fortress is on a hill overlooking the fork of the Sava and Danube. The fort is over 2000 years old and include remains of gates, towers and churches. We visited a gallery which was located inside the fortress. There are so many activities for the youngest to take part in at Kalemegdan Park. A small theme park is also near the zoo.

After that we visited the Military Museum Belgrade which was founded in 1878, the museum has over 3,000 ancient and modern items. the museum’s building was demolished in First World War, and collections were mostly destroyed or were seized by occupation troops. 

The museum has around 33.000 objects in various collections and a photo collection with over 100.000 photographs. Also, the museum has special library with over 10.000 titles from areas of History, Art, Archaeology and other similar branches with more than 6000 magazines to admire.

On the last day we visited the Republic Square and the Residence of Princess Ljubica

The Republic square lays at the southern end of Knez Mihailova some of the city’s most important landmarks. When you walk here you will see a lot of busses. It is a quite popular meeting-spot for Serbians in Belgrade. As it is the main meeting place in Belgrade and the starting point of the most city tours.

The Serbian National Theatre and National Museum are here which is the largest and oldest Serbian museum. Also you will find here the Prince Mihailo Monument.The square is a cultural and social hub of Belgrade is where the past meets the present.

The Princess Ljubica’s Residence is one of the most important historic buildings in Belgrade. The Residence is located in the center of Old Town, in Kosančićev venac, and is a monument to Serbian culture. Princess Ljubica’s Residence was built at the request of Prince Miloš Obrenović in 1831, as a private residence for his wife Princess Ljubica.

The building reflects oriental (Turkish), European – central and western influences. Built in 1831 but amazingly one of the most most preserved examples of the civil architecture from the first half of the 19th century Belgrade. This was the end of my trip & Itinerary in Belgrade! I hope this will help you!

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