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6 super simple tips for traveling with only carry-on

Be aware of the hand luggage rules

Every airline works with different rules regarding hand luggage. It is important to check carefully what the rules are before your flight, so that you are not faced with surprises at the airport. Especially if you only travel with hand luggage! This information can change from time to time, so always check this just before the trip. But you can assume 55 x 40 x 25 cm, the sizes that apply to most major airlines

Find a carry-on suitcase that is extra light

Traveling with hand luggage means that every gram counts on the weight scale. When choosing a suitcase, take the weight of the suitcase into account. Now all kinds of suitcase brands have launched special hand luggage models on the market and you have a good, feather-light suitcase range for traveling with hand luggage.

Take a second, small backpack with you

Many airlines allow you to bring a second, small bag for your laptop, camera or other electronics. This saves space in your hand luggage. Check this in advance and use a small daypack that you can use during your trip if you go into the city or go for a walk.

A Good book and/or an e-reader

On a long flight I always take a good book with me. To be honest I like paper version books more. My advice; take one good book with you and put other books on an e-reader. This saves a lot of grams!

Put on the heaviest and largest clothing items

Think in advance what you are going to wear. If you’re smart, you’ll wear the biggest and heaviest items of clothing. For example, it is better to pack slippers than to put on hiking boots and a jacket and a sweater, these take up a lot of space. In the worst case, you wear a few layers.

Sunscreen, make-up, creams and gels.

They take a considerable bite out of the space and the weight of your luggage and you are not allowed to take unlimited liquids with you. A total of 1 liter of liquids is allowed in your hand luggage, packed in jars or tubes of maximum 100 ml each. Therefore, take mini travel packs with you or use a refillable travel set with bottles and put all liquids in a transparent, sealable bag. Extra tip ; I save all the samples of parfum or makeup if I order my regular beautyproducts at Sephora or any other beauty store. So I can carry the samples with me when I fly. I have a bunch of them and mostly take 3 samples of parfum with me for a whole week. It does not weight anything and I don’t need to be scared to reach the limit.

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