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4 beautiful cities and villages you must visit when you are in Germany

Ah, sweet old Germany. Because I am raised in the Netherlands it was usual to visit Germany a couple time a year with the car. Why should you visit Germany? There are over 42 official UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany. This makes the country rich with historical attractions to feast your eyes on. Germany is a gigantic country with breathtaking nature. In total, the country has 14 national parks. The majority of these are located in the southwest of the country. One of the most fascinating parks is the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. The park is no less than 3750 square kilometers and is characterized by large valleys, thick forests and large rocks. Germany is a diverse country with so much to offer and many diverse places to visit for foreigners and locals.

Germany is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. It has a mix of rich history but also pretty modern places. Apart from its history, nature attractions, and great festivities, you will be amazed by everything Germany has to offer. In this post I will recommend a couple small cities who are not very popular but worth a visit! Find first of all here the cheapest flight tickets to Germany, starting from only 40 euros


A fortress and elegant squares. You will also find picturesque vineyards characterize this charming place on the picturesque shore of Lake Constance. Thanks to its unique location on a slope right on Lake Constance, the small town of Meersburg has some fantastic viewpoints. From the height you have the best view of the Old and the New Slot. Definitely worth a visit. See here the best hotels and B&B’s during your stay in Meersburg


It’s a gem at the top of the Kinzig Valley and it’s definitely worth staying here for a while, soaking up the historic atmosphere and enjoying the beautiful wooded area. After visiting you will agree with me that this place really is one of the most beautiful places in Germany. Several museums, fun excursions and opportunities to get out and about in the mountainous landscape ensure that you will never be bored here. Check here the most magical B&Bs in the area, for around 75 euros per night you have a nice place to stay.


This used to be a small fishing area but nowadays it is known for its tourism and artistic history. Art, culture and nature comes all together in this little place. Throughout the year, the artists’ Ahrenshoop offers a wide range of options. Small studios and workshops invite you to view their traditional handicrafts and to join in and get creative. Many houses are covered in a fisherman’s style with reeds. As a result, the place has its own flair! Check here marvelous hotels with beautiful views.


Bremen is a slightly more famous city. The city of Bremen is located in the northwest of Germany, it is also the smallest federal state of the country and best known for its fairy tales. The town hall and cathedral are the showpieces of the city. See here the best hotels in the neighbourhood. The most popular attractions to visit in Bremen are: Schnoor Viertel. Historic Old Town. Citizen Park. Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten) Marktplatz. Check here for guided tour for an amazing experience during your stay in Bremen

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