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I searched up the most affordable flights for an weekend away in September for my readers. tip; change the settings in your own valuta to see the exact prices in euros pounds and dollars

From Rome ;

to Vienna from 2 to 5 September from 45 euro

What to do in Vienna ? Visit the oldest Zoo of Europe, the many historical museums and take a stroll through their many big gardens.

to Marseille from 5 to 9 September from 32 euro

What to do in Marseille? Visit the Notre Dam, the Marseille beach and Calanques National Park

to Corfu from 2 to 5 september from 60 euro

Where to visit while in Corfu? Go sunbathing on the beach or visit the Old Fortress. Also is Corfu a good diving place!

to Paris from 21 to 28 September from 42 euro

What to do in Paris? Ofcourse, you have to visit the famous Eiffeltower, drink some French wine and visit the Louvre.

from Amsterdam

to Ireland Dublin from 13 to 15 September from 33 euro

What to do in Dublin? Visit the Chester Library, National Museum of Ireland or visit the magical Dublin Castle.

to Bristol UK from 21 to 24 September from 58 euro

What is there to do in Bristol? Visit the Bristol Zoo, the Bristol art gallery and take a drink at the many pubs you will find here.

to Copenhagen from 24 to 27 September from 57 euro

What to visit while in Copenhagen? Visit the famous Tivoli Gardens, Turning Torso building, or the famous Nyhavn for some beautiful pictures with the colored houses.

to Ibiza from 12 to 14 September from 63 euro

What to do in Ibiza in September? Check out the many closing parties with famous DJ’s they held in September, take the ‘ church route’ or visit the Cala Llentia’s dolmens

to Basel from 8 to 12 September from 60 euro

What to do you need to do in Basel ? Visit the stunning Vitra Design Museum, the Zoo of Basel or take a look at the many other art museums.

Vitra museum Basel

from Brussels

to Banja Luka ( Bosnia ) from 5 to 9 September from 17 euro

What is there to do in Banja Luka ? Visit the most beautiful mosque Ferhadija with the stunning colored dome. The many Cathadrals or take a stroll at one of many big gardens.

to Barcelona from 17 to 21 September from 33 euros

What to do in Barcelona? Visit the famous Sagrada Família, eat a lot of tapas, taste the amazing wine and do a snorkeling tour.

to Bratislava from 14 to 18 September from 17 euro

What to do in Bratislava? Visit the stunning Bratislava Castle, the famous blue St. Elizabeth church and get some traditional food! Bratislava is extremely cheap.

to Zagreb from 19 to 24 September from 18 euro

What to do in Zagreb? There isn’t extremely much to do in Zagreb beside many museums and visiting the historical center. Food is really affordable! I would recommend visiting other cities too while you are here.

to Madrid from 21 to 28 September from 24 euro

What should you do in Madrid? Visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Madrid attraction park with great rollercoasters and go tapas hopping after that !

from Lisbon

to Seville from 28 to 30 September from 30 euro

What to do in Seville ? Go back in time at Real Alcazar and visit the amazing Seville Cathadral. Seville is an amazing photo spot place.

to Luxembourg from 22 to 25 September from 63 euro

What to do in Luxembourg? Visit the American Cementry Memorial place, maybe sounds a bit strange to visit a cementry during your trip but trust me.. it is impressive. Furthermore you can visit Luxembourg Old Town and the incredible lift which you can take on top.

to London from 14 to 18 September from 48 euro

What to do in London? Visit the famous Buckingham Palace, take a ride inside the London eye and driveby the Big Ben. What about a boat ride on the Thames?

from London

to Maastricht ( The Netherlands ) from 2 to 5 September from 18 euro

What you must do during your trip here ; take a biketour to explore Maastricht, wander around the city hall and market square and visit the Sint Pieters church.

to Marseille from 12 to 15 September from 26 euro

to Bremen ( Germany ) from 7 to 10 September from 25 euro

Visit the great city hall of Bremen, explore the historic Marktplatz. 3 days would be really the max when in Bremen.

to Stockholm from 17 to 20 September from 36 euro

What to do in Stockholm? Visit the first open air museum ever in Skansen, the modern art museum and sail through the 30,000-island archipelago

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