Best Underrated city in Croatia | Zadar

This spring we visited Zadar, a hidden gem in Croatia! This time with the family ( 2 toddlers and a kid ) We rented an apartment trough Booking which was pretty affordable. It was the best! Two bedrooms and a gorgeous view over the Adriatic Sea.

Zadar is truly beautiful but not a popular vacation destination yet which is pity because it is truly beautiful. Zadar is truly a hidden gem. When we went there we didn’t find any other tourists. The people in Zadar spoke perfectly English and there was a big mall closeby. The historic center was around 10 minutes driving.

We ate there at an Italian restaurant. It was a bit windy but the owner offered us blankets, so nice!

We went by plane to Zadar, from Rome to Zadar it took only less than an hour. Unfortunately we did not rent a car but we did everything with an Uber or Bolt which costed us maybe 7 euro ( 60 HRK) per ride and with 3 kids it was pretty relaxing going with a taxi. On a 10 minutes walk there was a Croatian restaurant which offers steak, chicken and burgers.

They also have a nice playground there for the kids. We paid around 15 euros for the whole family. Its insanely cheap and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend visiting Zadar if you have a small budget or just want to relax in peace without a touristic mass.

I would say that 3 nights would be quite enough to visit Zadar.

I’ll show you some ideas of what to do in Zadar;

Sea Organ Zadar

This bizarre sea organ by Zadar-trained Nikola Bašić, installed in 2005, has given a new dimension to the city’s waterfront. At the tip of the peninsula, enchanting sounds can be heard from the holes in the marble staircase.

These are created by the 35 organ pipes that are connected to the stairs. The unworldly sounds are dictated randomly by ebb and flow, an unusually reassuring feeling as you lie sunbathing on the flat stones. Super relaxing and worth a visit during you stay in Zadar


Visit the historic center of Zadar

With old churches, buildings and cute restaurants this is a total must-visit in Zadar. Discover the old town of Zadar by a guided tour! This historic center is a hidden gem for newbies

Visit the museum of Illusion

It is a small museum where you can enjoy yourself for at least an hour. The optical illusions are very nice to see and also equipped with explanations in multiple languages. It ranges from creating impossible spatial puzzles, to changing 3D photos, inverted living room and much more.

On a hot day it is very pleasant to go inside and cool off, while the children have a great time it was the best!!

Go kayaking on the river Zrmanja

In spring you can go rafting, which is more adventurous. In the best summer months (low water level) it is kayak. You can book this through Elegance Tours in the center of Zadar. They also arrange transport to the river.

The landscape is the best!! It is beautiful, the water crystal clear with lots of fish. The perfect ingredients for a great day out with the whole family. Here you could book a 5hour Canoe Safari trip, how cool!

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