A city trip to Rome is on many peoples bucket list. A visit to the Vatican, Checking out the Colosseum and visiting endless museums. But Italy is also the home of Pizza and pasta. Maybe a trip to the beautiful city will stop you because you follow a gluten-free diet. In this blog you will therefore find the 5 best gluten-free restaurants / bakeries and spots in Rome.

First of all ; The Italian Coeliac Association (AIC) provide all its members with an App enhancing the quality of daily life of people affected by Coeliac Disease: AIC Mobile. Thank to this App, people affected by Coeliac Disease have the opportunity to find gluten free products and safe venues on their smartphone.

If you rather want to stop by at the supermarket than look on the packages for “senza glutine” Carrefour Express and Pam Local have a nice selection of gluten free items in a dedicated section at most of their locations in the city. 

5 best gluten free spots in Rome

1. Mama Eat San Cosimato 7, Roma,

Mama Eat has two locations in Rome, and only this particular location near the Vatican is 100% gluten free. You’ll find the other one in the “AIC-accredited” category below, and it’s also worth a stop if you’re looking for dinner in Trastevere. The food is basically the same. They offer snacks and a large range of pizzas.

2. Pantha Rei, Via della Minerva, 19, 00186
Pantha Rei is also 100% gluten free and affiliated with the Italian Celiac Association – making it super safe to eat here. Everything on the menu is gluten free, from pizzas to pastas. The pizzas are made in a separate oven. It is a great place in Rome.


3. New Food Gluten Free – Ponte Sisto

New Food Gluten Free also serve gluten-free food in Rome. They have a bunch of baked goods like donuts, other sweets and also serve pizza!

source and click to see the tripadvisor review

4. Voglia di Pizza – Gluten Free Via Dei Giubbonari 33, 00186 Rome Italy

The entire menu is gluten free – which is incredible. They also offer vegetarian pizzas which I think is great. They offer English subtitles on the menu for people who don’t speak Italian in Rome. Also do they offer gluten free beer, spaghetti and delicious snacks.

5. Pandali Via di Torre Argentina 3 – 00186 Rome 

This one is more of a bakery but they offer pizzas too. You can find Pandali close to the Pantheon. Pandali is the place that makes the best gluten free pizza in Rome, calzoni, suppli, bread and cookies. It is the ideal place if you want to have a good and fresh breakfast or just a quick snack. All products offered are 100% gluten free with a range of things, ideal for a day of sightseeing without needing to sit down at a restaurant.


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