Traveling to Rome? And not in the mood to do the usual stuff? Read here about what to do in Rome and discover the hidden gems in Rome!

Piccola Londra

Get ready to fall in love with the Notting Hill-style homes of Piccola Londra. Visit Piccola Londra or Little London. Which was built in the early 1900s The houses were designed by architect Quadrio Pirani in a very “un-Roman”. The houses have little doorsteps and different colors, just like some houses you will find in Londen! It is just one street so very unique it is an wonderful place to check out and make some pictures at.

The street is located on Via Bernardo Celentano Via Bernardo Celentano, Quartiere Flaminio Rome

Little Londen, in Rome. source

Visit the Mysterious Keyhole

From the outside you won’t notice anything since it’s an unsuspecting big green door. When you come closer and peep into the keyhole you will find one of the most unique views of St. Peter’s dome in the city. You’ll see the Vatican perfectly framed by an immaculate row of hedges. The door leads to the Piazza Knights of Malta. the piazza is not actually “Italy” as it holds extraterritorial status. So, technically you’re looking at two separate nation-states in one country. Something you won’t see everyday, right?! It is one of the best hidden gems. You can visit at exact location; Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta 3, 00153 Rome. 

Take a visit to Rome’s ancient pyramid

A pyramid? That’s right, a pyramid. You dont have to travel all the way to Egypt to see those. The Pyramid of Cestius is definitely one of Rome’s more unusual sights. It is actually a tomb made for Gaius Cestius. According to his will the 120 foot pyramid was complete in an impressive 330 days. Jump off the metro at the station named station Piramide ( you won’t miss that, I guess) and marvel at the only “Egyptian” pyramid in Europe.

You can find this piramide near the Porta San Paolo and the Protestant Cemetery at Via Raffaele Persichetti

Visit the orange garden of Rome

The Orange Garden of Rome, or il Giardino degli Aranci, in Italian is on top of the Aventine Hill. It is a beautiful public garden with pretty orange trees and a stunning view over Rome and St Peter’s dome, framed by the branches of beautiful pine trees. It has a delightful green space. If you come at sunset, you will see the sky turn that burning tone of orange that characterizes sunsets in Rome and the city at your feet. The best spot for an romantic walk right? Piazza Pietro d’Illiria & Via di Santa Sabina – 00153 Roma (Lazio)

Closeby the Orange Garden you can sit on those old benches
like I did and enjoyed the sunset.

Visit Borromini’s perspective

Borromini’s perspective is one of the most fascinating secret places in Rome. The gallery has been designed to make you believe that it carries on far longer than it really does. The Palazzo Spada itself is one of the best Rome hidden gems. This interesting place is filled with paintings, sculptures and furniture from Cardinal Spada’s private collection. Palazzo Spada is a Renaissance palace named after Cardinal Bernardino Spada. The cardinal purchased the palace in 1632. He hired famed architect Francesco Borromini to transform the building to beautiful effect. You can visit Palazzo Spada at – Via IV Novembre 16 

Borromini perspective a real hidden gem – source

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  2. Thank you! Yes, be sure you follow my tips I wrote down in the other article about Monaco. Have fun 🙂

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